Transmission line parameter identification method based on fault recorder data synchronization technology
Key Words:fault recorder  transmission line  data alignment  parameter identification
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YE Changrong Hohai University, Nanjing 211000, China 
FENG Shuhai China Electric Power Research Institute, Nanjing 211106, China  
XU Peng China Electric Power Research Institute, Nanjing 211106, China  
LIU Jun China Electric Power Research Institute, Nanjing 211106, China  
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Abstract:The conventional off-line measurement results infected by differences in sources of different parameters and the impact of the external environment are not accurate. The on-line fault parameter identification based on fault recorder information can meet the requirement that the actual line parameters need to be updated in time. Based on the double terminal fault recorder information of the line and considering the asynchronous time of double end fault record information, this paper constructs the constraint equation to solve the asynchronous time data when internal and external faults occur. On the basis of this method, the parameters of the line are identified by using the voltage and current phasor of double terminals. Through the analysis and verification of the IEEE9 node model, it is shown that the time precision of the alignment method is about 10-5 s, which improves the effectiveness of fault line information identification for transmission lines by using fault record information. This work is supported by Science and Technology Project of State Grid Corporation of China (No. DZ71-160014) “Technical Research of Power Grid Branch Parameters Identification based on Time Scale Uniformity Multi-source Data”.
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