Discussion on technology scheme of a new EV charging pile
Key Words:Internet +  electric vehicle  charging pile  charging service  standard system
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LI Hongfeng XJ Electric Co., Ltd., Xuchang 461000, China 
LI Hongxia XJ Intelligent Power Supply Company, Xuchang 461000, China 
CHEN Zhigang XJ Electric Co., Ltd., Xuchang 461000, China 
LI Zhichao XJ Electric Co., Ltd., Xuchang 461000, China 
XU Peng XJ Electric Co., Ltd., Xuchang 461000, China 
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Abstract:The technology scheme of charging pile of new electric vehicle is put forward under the background of "Internet +". From the point of view of charging piles, the status quo and existing problems of charging piles are analyzed. According to the functional requirements of charging piles under Internet +, a new charging pile framework is designed, and the standard system of charging piles is also planned. Design, function definition, standard system and business process are compared to complete the technical scheme of charging pile. The results show that the proposed scheme can effectively improve the charging capacity of electric vehicle charging piles under the premise of considering the expansion and security.
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