Volume 50,Issue 9,2022 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  


Overview of visualization research on electricity consumption data[Abstract][PDF]

Application Research

Equilibrium analysis of coupled electricity and gas markets considering joint operation ofwind power with energy conversion and storage equipment[Abstract][PDF]

Risk assessment of a power system containing wind power and photovoltaic based on improved Monte Carlo mixed sampling[Abstract][PDF]

Short-term load cluster forecast of distribution transformers for cloud edge collaboration[Abstract][PDF]

Day-ahead market bidding strategy for "renewable energy + energy storage" power plants considering conditional value-at-risk[Abstract][PDF]

A novel power sharing strategy for multi photovoltaic converters in a DC microgrid[Abstract][PDF]

Two-stage restoration strategy for multi fault of an electric gas integrated energy system[Abstract][PDF]

Optimized combined heat and power dispatch considering the coordination of heat load elasticity and time-of-use demand response[Abstract][PDF]

Digital twin early warning method study for overload risk of distribution network with a high proportion of photovoltaic access[Abstract][PDF]

Multi-objective coordinated control method of grid-connected inverter based on a sliding window DFT algorithm[Abstract][PDF]

Theoretical Analysis

Peer-to-peer energy trading strategy for prosumers based on model predictive control[Abstract][PDF]

Power system planning method considering uncertainty value and entire market elementgame under market background[Abstract][PDF]

Distributionally robust optimization of load recovery for a multi-infeed HVDC receiving end system[Abstract][PDF]

Optimal operation of electricity-gas-heat integrated energy system considering the risk of energy supply equipment failure[Abstract][PDF]

A method for protection and lightning identification in a flexible DC system based on transient quantities[Abstract][PDF]

Economic dispatch model of an integrated energy system considering generalized energy storage and conditional value at risk[Abstract][PDF]

Design and Development

A multi-agent FTU based on deep-merging of primary and secondary equipment[Abstract][PDF]

Engineering Application

A multi-agent FTU based on deep-merging of primary and secondary equipment[Abstract][PDF]

Anomaly recognition of line loss data in power grid stations based on multi-dimensional features[Abstract][PDF]