Volume 50,Issue 18,2022 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Application Research

Dynamic dispatch of an integrated energy system based on deep reinforcement learning in an uncertain environment[Abstract][PDF]

Correction estimation of the inertia of a power plant considering the contribution of rotating load[Abstract][PDF]

Nonparametric sliding mode predictive control strategy for a three-phase LCL grid-connected inverter[Abstract][PDF]

An automatic identification algorithm for wildfire occurrences near transmission line corridors based on spatio-temporal context[Abstract][PDF]

Abnormal detection of electricity theft using a deep auto-encoder Gaussian mixture model[Abstract][PDF]

Vienna rectifier with voltage outer loop sliding mode control based on an RBF neural network[Abstract][PDF]

Application of the criterion of small current grounding direction of the energy method[Abstract][PDF]

Power system inertia identification based on a state space model and a PEM iterative algorithm[Abstract][PDF]

Collaborative economic dispatch of coupled transmission and distribution networks based on the Stackelberg game[Abstract][PDF]

A method for correcting boundary nodes of a voltage control region based on disconnection disturbance[Abstract][PDF]

Research on application of improved gravity-repulsion algorithm in automatic generation of distribution network one-line diagram[Abstract][PDF]

A digital and dynamic analog hybrid simulation system based on programmable power[Abstract][PDF]

Theoretical Analysis

Fault location of a distribution network hierarchical model with a distribution generator based on IBES[Abstract][PDF]

Analysis of the influence of non-full-phase operation on line zero-sequence current protection[Abstract][PDF]

Analysis and improvement of the small-signal stable power limit of a grid-connected inverter based on an impedance method[Abstract][PDF]

A denoising method for a partial discharge signal based on S_VMD and Sdr_SampEn[Abstract][PDF]

Fundamental detection for a power system based on SWT[Abstract][PDF]

Design and Development

A series-connected 36-pulse rectifier for HVDC with a dual passive harmonic injection method[Abstract][PDF]

High step-up Boost converter with an interleaved and three-winding coupled inductor[Abstract][PDF]