Volume 46,Issue 23,2018 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Theoretical Analysis

Distance protection based on voltage phase comparison for line to ground fault of transmission line connecting wind farm with DFIGs[Abstract][PDF]

Capacity sizing optimal for grid-connected micro-grid based on sensitivity analysis[Abstract][PDF]

Evaluation method of intelligent planning for distribution network based on interval preference and MADM[Abstract][PDF]

A synchronous ADMM algorithm for solving distributed optimal power flow of AC/DC interconnected power grid[Abstract][PDF]

Probabilistic voltage stability assessment of large power grid considering stochastic load growth[Abstract][PDF]

A new nonlinear model of three-winding autotransformer[Abstract][PDF]

New method in harmonic detection based on ESMD and HT[Abstract][PDF]

Application Research

Fault location algorithm based on state estimation in tree distribution network with distributed generation[Abstract][PDF]

Dynamic Bayesian network based reliability evaluation of supervision and control system in smart substations[Abstract][PDF]

Static voltage stability analysis of power grid based on comprehensive weight evaluation method and fuzzy-TOPSIS[Abstract][PDF]

Node integrated vulnerability assessment of complex power grid based on AHP-gray relational degree method[Abstract][PDF]

Short circuit current peak prediction based on two-dimensional cloud model[Abstract][PDF]

Optimal capacity determination method based on day-ahead scheduling and real-time control[Abstract][PDF]

Research on HIL simulation of direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generator[Abstract][PDF]

Research on 3D visual component assembly technology of smart substation simulation[Abstract][PDF]

Calculation of electric vehicle charging power and evaluation of demand response potential based on spatial and temporal activity model[Abstract][PDF]

Extreme learning machine-based estimation of total transfer capability of transmission corridors in wind-integrated power systems[Abstract][PDF]

System design and control framework analysis of hybrid AC-DC microgrid[Abstract][PDF]

Research on the smooth switching control method of micro-grid with series combination of micro-source[Abstract][PDF]

Transmission line parameter identification method based on fault recorder data synchronization technology[Abstract][PDF]

Design and Development

Inverted index query technique of non-primary key for mass dispatch and monitoring information of distribution network[Abstract][PDF]

Optical figure calibration device based on FPGA and DSP for merging unit[Abstract][PDF]

Engineering Application

Intelligent mobile operation and maintenance technology and its application of relay protection based on power wireless virtual private network[Abstract][PDF]

Research and analysis of the secondary circuit delay detection method in modern intelligent substation[Abstract][PDF]