Power System Protection and Control (original—Relay), semimonthly journal, is a national electro-technical journal sponsored by Xuchang KETOP Electrical Research Institute (original Mechanical Industry Xuchang Relay Research Institute). It has been published at home and abroad since 1973, regularly issued on 1st and 16th by each month.

Power System Protection and Control is a Chinese Core Journal and Chinese Sci-tech Core Journal. It was awarded RCCSE Chinese Authoritative Academic Journal (A+) and 2015’ The Excellent International Impact Academic Journals of China. It is also indexed by many reputable databases, such as Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Scopus, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), Scientific Abstract (SA, INSPEC), and Abstract Journal (AJ, VINITI). At the same time, it was named Double Effects Journal of Chinese Journals and Top Twenty Journals of Natural Science in Henan Province



Paying attention to the academic development; Combining theory with practice; Being application-oriented; Serving the front-line research and production.



  It publishes academic papers with new techniques, new achievements, operation experiences, technical innovations and scientific management, technical regulations, or foreign advanced techniques in the field of power system protection and control including, but are not limited to, power system relay protection, power system analysis and control, electric power automation and tele-control technology, power system planning, power system communication, electricity market, power quality, field operating experience, key theories and techniques for smart grid, micro grid technology, electricity charging and selling technology for intelligent electric car, smart meters and electro-data acquisition system, grid integration and regulation and control technology of new energy (wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation, etc.), low-carbon technology for power systems, and the application of Internet of Things to power systems.



  Researchers, designers, equipment manufacturers from power enterprises and departments. Professors and students in universities with faculties of power system and its related fields; technical staffs from power plants, substations, power transmission and distribution system and power supply companies; personnel engaged in electric power production, construction, and operation & management; individuals from the fields of metallurgy, coal mining, petrifaction, railroad construction, machining, etc.



The equipment purchasing personnel, professionals, management staff from State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, and Five Power Generation Company; technical staff of research and design as well as equipment purchasing personnel from design institutes; professionals from enterprise and public institutions worked on electric power research, design and equipment development and professors and universities’ students, enterprises specialized in electric power equipment manufacturing; relevant management personnel engaged in electric power production, construction, and operation; relevant individuals from the fields of metallurgy, coal mining, petrifaction, railroad construction, machining, etc.

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